WMO AGM 2017 Dubai, U.A.E

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WMO AGM in Dubai





Assalamu Allaikum
The 14th AGAM and other associated meetings of WMO will be held from 6th
to 8th Oct at DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates  
Detail program and agenda for the meetings will be circulated in due time
In the meanwhile arrangements have been made with the host hotel for special room rates for the AGAM and those who wish to participate are requested to make their reservations early to take advantage of the special rates offered to WMO Delegates
The link for the booking is given below

Shoaib Ismail Mangroria
Secretary General, WMO
Dated: 25th April 2017


Memon Association of Canada Elect board of Directors for 2017 - 2018.
(there were total 14 individuals who participated in election and all 14 were elected) :

The following names are of the 14 individuals

Arif Memon 647-897-7163 a_memon@yahoo.ca
Ashraf Adamjee 905-452-2315 ashrafadamjee@yahoo.com
Ismail Mirza 647-893-1892 ismadentlab@gmail.com
Junaid Saleem 416-305-9522 jsmemonseth@yahoo.com
Kiflen Panwala 647-718-4871 kiflenz@yahoo.com
Mohammad Amin Jangda 416-854-1851 majmemon@gmail.com
Naeem Khayani 416-570-9324 naeem.khiyani@gmail.com
Nilofer Naz 416-876-6460 nellyforinsurance@gmail.com
Owais Iqbal 416-294-7869 ovais.iqbal@gmail.com
Parveen Bhalagamwala 416-533-1352 parveenvali@yahoo.com
Rafiq Rokerya 905-826-6722 rokerya@gmail.com
Shafi Kachalia 416-737-7869 mskachalia@hotmail.com
Tariq Qasim 416-820-1778 tskasim@yahoo.com
Zakir Naviwala 647-937-3579 zakir63@hotmail.com



    Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.

    We profound sorrow and regret have learnt the demise of Hajiani Amina Bai mother of Mohammad Iqbal Yousuf Bagasrawala (Ghazipura) today in Karachi Pakistan.

    Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.

    We express our heartfelt condolences to all members of the family.
    This was Allah's wish and we all have to submit to his will.

    May Allah Subhanahu rest the departed soul in eternal peace, forgive her shortcomings and sins and grant her a place in Jannatul Firdous Ameen!
    Quran Khawani for her esal-e-sawab will be held Insha’Allah on December 10th 2016 Saturday at Jamia Islamia Masjid, 2380 Tedlo st, Mississauga, after Namaz-e-Asr

    For Condolence please contact.
    Mohammad Iqbal Yousuf : Tel: 905-812-2793
    Yasmeen Iqbal


    email: ashfaqcanada@gmail.com.
    Mohammad Ashfaq